Reach-In Wardrobes Design Guide

Boston Wardrobes has over 30 years of experience installing wardrobe doors and organisers.We combine this with feedback fromour clients to give you the best advice on smart storage solutions.

This guide has been created to give you the information you need when planning your storage solutions for a renovation or new home.


The most common question we are asked by people planning a renovation or new home is:

“How big do the wardrobes need to be?”

We can’t answer how big your wardrobes will need to be until we know more about your clothing storage needs.

We believe you should aim for a minimum of 1.8meters in length to get all your clothes away in the wardrobe. This is based on the assumption that you won’t require additional bedroom furniture for clothes storage.

Typical Reach-In

The design shown is based on a wardrobe with full width and height access with a pair of sliding doors on the front.

The depth of the wardrobe is equally important.

Suit jackets and coats require 600mm of internal depth.We recommend that you aim to get 600mm internal depth as shown in the below diagram.


Good access means smart storage

Smart storage means maximising the usable space available. You should consider which door systemwill best suit the storage cupboard before having your organiser designed.

Boston Wardrobes builds great storage solutions.We also custom build full height and full width sliding and bi-folding doors to suit your openings.

Traditional openings limit your access to valuable storage space.



The best solution to keeping your clothes well aired is to ensure the wardrobe depth is adequate for the clothes to hang freely when put away.

Wardrobe Organisers

The two most common wardrobe organiser options for reach-in wardrobes are melamine and PVC wire solutions.We recommend melamine products as they are durable and provide more options for your clothes storage like drawers and trouser-racks.

Good Tips

  • Different wardrobe systems require different fixings. Talk to a wardrobe specialist before you start building.
  • Folded garments typically require a minimum shelf depth of 35cm.We recommend 40cm.
  • Your woollen garments should be stored on a flat, open shelf, not in a drawer or basket.

Boston Wardrobes offers the largest range of wardrobe systems in New Zealand. Our large showroom has many reach-in wardrobes as well as four walk-in wardrobes using different product ranges on display.

Depending on your requirements for drawers, baskets, trouser-racks, shoe shelving and clothes hanging we will direct you to the systems that will be best suited to your needs.

Have a look through our website for more information or visit our showroom.


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