After more than 30 years in business, Boston has become a well-known name in Auckland. Today, we are excited to launch our new and refreshed brand and website, so we thought it was a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come, and share a bit more of the back story behind our proudly family-run business.

Friendships forged on the fairway

Ken Martin, the founder of Boston, was a born entrepreneur with his sights always set on innovative business ideas. 

During a trip to California in the mid 80s, Ken who was an avid golfer, approached a group to join their golf game and over the course of the round, easily fell into the beginnings of a close friendship. 

One of the friends he made that day was a gentleman who owned a company called Acme General, which manufactured components for sliding wardrobe doors (in fact, his father had invented the mirror sliding door in the early 1960s). These doors were unlike anything Ken had seen before, reaching up the whole height and width of a room to allow full access to a larger space than traditional single hinged doors.

Ken and his partner, Pamela, in 1987

When opportunity knocks...

Ken’s son, Chris Martin, had been running an importing business servicing the construction industry out of a warehouse and office space on Boston Road (now the site of the Boston showroom). With these ties to the New Zealand construction industry already in place, Ken quickly saw a business opportunity. Before heading home, he had already made the arrangements to start importing the components for these new sliding doors so that he could start manufacturing them in Auckland. 

Growth through partnership

Knowing that it would be difficult to sell these new doors to the public, Chris approached several building companies, suggesting that the doors would be a great addition to their show homes. Fletcher Residential was the first to sign up, beginning a partnership that stands to this day. 

In 1988, Boston Wardrobes became the first company in New Zealand to manufacture made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors, and a revolution in storage design was sparked. Until then, wardrobes in New Zealand homes were a bit of an afterthought - a small poky cavity with a shelf and rail behind a wooden door. These new sliding doors not only increased the storage capacity of wardrobes considerably, but also looked cutting edge and so were an instant hit.

Not long after, the need arose for wardrobe organisers to better service storage needs for the new and much larger wardrobe spaces allowed for by the doors. So, Boston started designing shelving and drawers to fill the spaces. 

Chris Martin and Boston team member Greg Edley circa 1990

Innovating through change

Chris eventually took over the family business from his father, and continues to run Boston to this day. His daughters Emma and Angela have also now joined the Boston Road family. The key to Boston’s success has always been to stay ahead of change, and drive product innovation as the industry has evolved.

Indeed, interior and house design has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. Sections are smaller, construction techniques are evolving and more than ever, space is at a premium. Consumer habits have also changed; we have more stuff now that we ever have, yet it’s unfortunate that planning effective interior storage in new homes is still often overlooked. This is something we'd like to see change at Boston.

Chris with daughters Angela and Emma

Boston today

With a product that has evolved to withstand the test of time, you could say we know a thing or two about wardrobes and wardrobe doors. At Boston you will only find the highest quality products in our showroom, and more than 30 years’ worth of satisfied customers. 

This year we decided it was time to do a little renovation of our own and refresh the Boston brand and website. We're still the same trusted Kiwi company, but we're looking a little different and connecting with you in more ways.

A household name in New Zealand

A Boston, we have a wealth of experience designing for people’s needs, and our doors and organisers have evolved from our humble beginnings back in the late 80s to create the sophisticated and successful Kiwi business it is today. 

We’re proud to be a trusted name that New Zealanders turn to for quality wardrobes and are confident that we can create a solution for any storage issue.

Ours is a story that started on the golf green, and has spanned partnerships, innovation, generations and growth, and we’re excited for what the next chapter has in store for Boston.

Are you part of the Boston story? We love to hear from our customers old and new, send any pics or stories through to

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