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Wardrobe Design: DIY vs. Professionals

Us Kiwis love to DIY – some may even say it’s in our DNA. And while a can-do approach to tackling home projects and renovations is admirable, we’re not all born tradespeople! Sometimes, even if we are not too bad with a level and a hammer, the problem is not so much talent, but time, […]

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How much will a new wardrobe cost?

If you’re in the market for new storage, it’s likely that one of the first questions you’ll be asking is: how much will a new wardrobe cost me? You’re not alone. Unlike a lot of other consumer products in the market, wardrobes are “price invisible”. In other words, thanks to advertising, most people have a […]


Wardrobes in Villas & Bungalows

Architectural design trends have come and gone, but the popularity of classic New Zealand villas and bungalows has stood the test of time. Owning one of these character-filled homes has become somewhat of an aspiration for Kiwi buyers, with discerning homeowners coveting their antique distinction. While they can require some extensive upgrades, renovating a villa […]

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